“By the writers of Black Mirror”. Well, color me intrigued. Black Mirror is one of my all time favorite shows, so I decided to give Soulmates on Amazon Prime a go. The premise seemed interesting enough: take a test and find your soulmate.

Everyone that knows Black Mirror knows the structure (and if you don’t, stop reading and go watch an episode): every episode deals with a different storyline that plays in the not too distant future. It takes a look at how technology disrupts our daily lives. …

Walking. Strolling. Hiking. If you’d told me as a teenager that I would spend a lot of time hiking and enjoy it, I would‘ve laughed in your face. Flashback to the time we’d go on holiday and I would stay at the cottage together with my sister, because we’d rather hang by the pool instead of hiking up some mountain. How times have changed.

All I need are my hiking shoes and my headphones. To listen to some music (and pretend that I’m in my own music video), but most often to listen to a podcast. And those podcasts are…

Some people might call it too dramatic. Too painful. Too much. Maybe it is. Yet, here I am, emotionally invested in the family ties that make up This is Us. The series that caused a cascade of memes about how it’ll make you ugly cry and about how you have to keep reminding yourself that these are fictional characters you’re crying about.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s a small summary: This is Us revolves around the Pearson family. Mom Rebecca, dad Jack, the two sons Kevin and Randall and daughter Kate. The show follows this…

Eva Hekman

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